Trailer Of The Week - Week #11 - The Man From Planet X

The way IMDb keyword tags work in theory versus in practice is interesting. For instance, if I wanted to find films that involve a niche feature of a major film, say a planetary collision (a la Melancholia) then, in theory, I might find the keyword tag 'planetary collision' and hope that it gave me some films with similar components. The problem in practice is that these keywords need to be assigned by someone (God knows who) and that particular keyword, and many more like it, only seems to have been assigned to two films, probably by this great Someone in the 1950s, judging by their age. Your choices then, for a bit of planet smashing are Flash Gordon and this little joy of Fifties science-fiction goodness, The Man From Planet X. Don't let it hold you back that the man in question seems to be a cross between an old railway lantern and a tellytubby, oh no, I'm sure there's Sci-Fi genius in them there frames. I'm also sure it is roughly exactly the same as Melancholia.

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