Film Intel's Final Word - Cannes, Cloud Atlas, Skyfall Trailer

The 65th Cannes Film Festival is a Go!

Story: Telegraph

Marilyn Monroe will not be blowing out candles on a cake but over the next few days we can continue to enjoy moaning from a variety of film journalists about how tiring the festival is, applause, boos and screening walk-outs. There might be some films occasionally too. Also look out for/go back and read Kinnemaniac's AltCannes.

Cloud Atlas News Encourages Dangerous Optimism.

Story: Slashfilm

It's nearly three hours (I would suggest you cannot tell this story properly in much less than that), it looks like it might be getting set for an awards run and the buzz around the previews has been largely positive. I'm starting to think about seriously considering placing one toe in the 'optimistic' camp.

Skyfall Tease Features Man Falling From Sky and Other Sexy Things.

Story: YouTube

This is my favourite image from the trailer. I don't really know why. Something to do with the good ol' DB5 making a reappearance I suspect. And it somehow sums up Bond and M's relationship for the last few films. Did I mention I'm quite excited for this? I am.

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