Blink And You'll Miss It or: Why Craig's James Bond is Hard as Nails

Now, once upon a time I was watching a thing on a thing (probably an 'extra feature' on a 'DVD', but I can't be sure so I'll stick to being vague) where someone (probably an action choreographer but see previous note) claimed that teaching actors not to blink when firing a gun is one of the hardest parts of their job. As this was something playing on ye olde goggle box, I can't back up that piece of spurious rumour with fact but, for some background, see here and several other places across the web if you do a bit of Googling. Apparently, this trick is important because blinking when gun firing makes your character look, well... a little soft. For proof that this might be the case, here's some screen caps from some trailers featuring some supposedly hard as nails men and women who can't keep their eyes open.

Arnold blinks and misses it.

Underworld presumably wasn't dark enough already, as far as Kate was concerned.

Castor Troy/Sean Archer: not as hard as you think.

Behind the scenes on The Avengers, Scarlet takes a nap.

You'll never survive Bond if you can't keep your eyes open.

Then, last week, we had the trailer for the latest Bond, Skyfall, in which Daniel Craig can be glimpsed doing this...



...ruddy flicker.

Goldeneye, some might say.