The Cult of the Movie Reference T-Shirt has Jumped the Shark

I'm assuming Last Exit To Nowhere are continuing to do great trade on the back of their excellent designs. Meanwhile, Ript and Teefury have offered these over the last few weeks.

(Click to enlarge images to their full, erm... glory.)

'You know what would make this design better? OVER-LAYING A MASSIVE FACE-HUGGER, MAN!'

If in doubt, pretend something is an alcoholic beverage. See herehere and a million more.

Who is the Son of Coul? Erm... Black Widow, apparently.

Hits the trifecta of shit t-shirt homages; Star Wars, The Godfather, the crossover.

Subtlety, subtext and taste clearly high on the agenda.


  1. Are you familiar with Dark Bunny Tees? A little hit and miss, but some of their designs are genuinely inspired I think. I particularly like the Seven "John Doe" shirt.

    1. Yes, have heard of them actually - remember Simon Pegg talking about them at some point - I'll take a look now. Cheers for the link!