Film Intel's Final Word; Watch Dogs, More Prometheus, WWZ Troubles

Paramount Has Second Struggler as World War Z Joins G.I. Joe.

Story: Collider

But the book cover has the word 'oral' on it, so that's OK. Tee hee. Oral. Tee hee.

Extended Cut Of Prometheus Coming.

Story: IndieWire

Don't understand the negative spin being put on this. Scott's extended cuts nearly always add something worthwhile and this should be no exception. Then again, I tweeted this last week, so I have to say that.

Watch Dogs Takes Time to Explain Concept, Then Shows Thundering Filmic Gameplay.

Story: Here and Here

Fine, this is a game, but if you're a film fan and you don't recognise the aspirations of this when you see it then I suggest a thorough cleansing of ye olde eyeballs. This has oodles of potential as a game and games which deliver tend to be looked at for film adaptations. Consider your dog watched. Or something.

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