Film Intel's Final Word - Assassinate Fassbender, Man Of 3D, Mocking Jay

Fassbender in Assassins Creed Adaptation. Videogames Going Arthouse?

Story: Variety

Presumably, if this is going to stick closely to the game, the first two hours will be Fassbender wandering around, doing nothing much in particular, eventually dying of boredom.

Man Of Steel Getting 3D Conversion. Or is it? No. But Probably Yes.

Story: Den Of Geek and then The Playlist

This was inevitable: whilst Nolan can stand by his principles and resist studio pressure, Snyder made Sucker Punch.

Mockingjay Split In Two. Presumably Now Making it Mocking Jay, Which Will be Like Saving Grace but With More Snark.

Story: BBC

I don't know any Hunger Games fans who think the final book needs to be two films. Of course, I don't actually know many Hunger Games fans, but don't let the facts get in the way of accusing the studios of valuing extra dosh over artistic form.

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