Film Intel's Final Word; Reacher, Soap Screens, Goldblum Jokes

Jack Reacher Trailer Debuts. Confirms it's Not the Jack Reacher You Were Looking For.

Story: Yahoo

If Tom Cruise wants to run around and be all actiony, may I suggest he does it under the guise of someone anonymous enough that no-one knows what he's supposed to look like, thus avoiding this very awkward looking trailer where he tries to convince us he's 6'5 and as hard and as silent as nails. Suggestions, Mr Cruise; Ethan Hunt, Roy Miller, Vincent, et al.

Soap Bubble Screen Surely the Future for Movies in the Bath.

Story: BBC

Picture credit: A Colloidal Display. Story alert thanks to @thewriterer.

Simultaneously mind-blowing and one of those moments where you have to stop and wonder... why?

July 4th Results in Annual Bout of Crushingly Un-Funny Jeff Goldblum Jokes.

If you did this this year, remember not to do it next year. If you did this this year having also done it last year, you are part of the problem.

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