Film Intel's Final Word - Incest, Ecclestone, Nebraska

Jennifer Lawrence Goes for Incest as The Hunger Games Antidote.

Story: Film School Rejects

The rule when you're in a major franchise is that you then normally go off and do something a bit off-the-wall and non-franchise-based to prove your acting metal hasn't been softened by all this guff about vampires. May have got confused there. Anyway, Jennifer Lawrence is taking that path and taking it well. This tale about the oil industry and incest has controversy and PROPER DRAMA written all over it.

Ecclestone In Line To Thump Thor.

Story: The Hollywood Reporter

Mixed feelings. Ecclestone is a really solid actor but when he gets given the villain he seems to go into full on Ham mode (see: G.I. Joe). That might have suited Thor's world under Branagh but Alan Taylor is something of an unknown quantity. This feels like a tone-setting risk.

Details on Alexander Payne's Next Film, Nebraska.

Story: Slash Film

Sounds great. It seems to be another film about the troubles and perils of being a middle-to-late aged man but, so what? Payne's output on that front has been high quality so far and I'm happy to watch him do it again. It's a bit strange that its going to star MacGruber though.

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