Film Intel's Final Word - Passion, Expendables, Daredevil

Brian De Palma's Passion has Rapace and McAdams Kissing and A Scary Mask. In The Same Film.

Story: IMDb

De Palma hasn't been on fire of late but take a look at the IMDb image gallery above and tell me there's not something to get excited about here. Kissing! Masks! A Clapperboard! Passion will be showing at Toronto International Film Festival for anyone that can get there. I can't get there. Yes, that's very annoying.

Expendables 2 is Out. Lets Talk Expendables 3.

Story: IGN and plenty of others

There's nothing more endemic of a 'me first' news culture then discussing the inner workings of a second sequel before any one has even had chance to see the first sequel. It won't be long before Expendables 4 is being discussed. Expendables 3 is old news.

Joe Carnahan's Daredevil Sizzle Online.

Video: YouTube

Looks interesting but can you watch this without calling to mind the Affleck version? Some properties will just never get over previous rubbish iterations. This might be one of them.


  1. Maybe we should hypothesise about the female version of The Expendables? Who would you cast?

  2. I'd have Cher, Roseanne Barr, Anne Ramsey ( and - la pièce de résistance - Angela Lansbury!

    1. Pam Grier is a must to add some muscle to that crowd, surely! Like how you've stuck to a similar age the male casting went for though. Seen a few of these discussions online and they all seem to forget that The Expendables are actually a band of geriatrics.

  3. Should we add Ellen Albertini Dow ( and Meryl Streep then?