Trailer Of The Week - Week #32 - Cloud Atlas

Yes, if you're following the site on twitter, this has been bleated about all week but still, its an incredibly promising trailer for one of the best books this century has so far produced. Anticipation high.

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  1. This really does have to be the modern king of shiny trailers that absolutely nobody, perhaps minus those who've read the book, has a concrete opinion on. I spent the entire time going "wow, it's so pretty... but wtf is going on!?!?!?"

    1. Yes, I can perhaps see that, although I have read the book so spent a lot of time going 'I KNOW THAT BIT!'. They have got a big challenge trying to sell this as a viable option for people unfamiliar with the book, they talk a little about that fact in the director's intro video that's also out there. One thing that might help; the book is 6 stories, linked together in very floaty ways so, as per the trailer, the 2nd story features someone reading the journal, which is actually the 1st story. Seek out a copy!