Film Intel's Final Word - Casino Adele, Hobbits, Avengers Blu-ray

Adele Follows in the Footsteps of, erm, Lulu and Some Others.

Story: Total Film

Fine. She warbles. Other Bond theme-song mongers have warbled. It's better than Jack-bloody-White. He screeches.

Hobbits. And More Hobbits. And More Hobbits. And...

Story: Empire

Alternative endings to a film is one thing but alternative endings to a trailer is quite another. The original was fine (and quite funny). The rest of the trailer? I was keen to see Del Toro's take on Middle Earth. I am less keen to see the fourth and fifth instalments of Jackson's vision of it.

Avengers DVD Release a Bit of an Interstellar Balls Up.

Story: MTV

Missing extras is less important than changing ratios, which are in turn less important than cuts. As a whole package, I would argue that those changes probably won't make a great deal of difference to you when you watch Avengers at home. The real question is: how did Disney let such things effect one of the biggest home viewing releases of the year? Should have been an easy ride, surely?

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