Film Intel's 2012 Retrospective: Part 2 - The Statistics

Your annual dose of maths. And boredom.

Total films or complete TV series watched in 2012: 257

First film of the year: Road To Perdition

Last film of the year: The Imposter

Film watched with the highest IMDb average rating: Game Of Thrones (9.4), The Dark Knight (9.0)

Film watched with the lowest IMDb average rating: Storage 24 (4.2)

Film watched with highest number of IMDb votes: The Dark Knight (864,152)

Film watched with lowest number of IMDb votes: Girl Shaped Love Drug (0), Day Of The Flowers (18)

Top three genres watched: Drama (126), Thriller (80), Crime (59)

Bottom three genres watched: Western (1), Film-Noir (1), War (5)

Earliest produced film watched: Die Nibelungen (1924)

Average rating given to films watched in 2011 (to 2dp, out of 10): 6.25

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