Eight Highlights To See At The 19th Bradford International Film Festival

Tues 16th - 17.35, Thurs 18th - 15.10

How often do we know the full story behind any given piece of music? Arlo Guthrie sets out to find out the truth behind his father's song about the deaths of 73 people in Calumet, Michigan and the lasting legacy the song and the event has had on the location.

Sun 14th - 15.30, Tue 16th - 17.45

After a successful retrospective at the festival last year, Olivier Assayas is back again with his new film (also known as Apr├Ęs mai), the trailer for which promises revolution and copious amounts of very European nudity.

Sun 14th - 21.00

A great piece of programming, this stand-up show about film watching was well reviewed at Edinburgh's fringe festival and now gets to close out BIFF's first weekend. BIFF has excelled at 'events' over the last few years, so this could prove to be something special.

Sun 14th - 18.15, Tues 16th - 20.30

Carrying the tag of being the 'Colombian Mean Streets' might prove too much weight to handle for this tale from Bogota but it comes with a great trailer featuring a snappy soundtrack, plus a positive showing at Cannes.

Sun 14th - 20.30, Thurs 18th - 19.45

Joss Whedon's take on the Bard is sure to attract an audience but there's more reasons than just the director to see this. Much Ado can make for a very friendly film adaptation, just take a look at the riotous 1993 Kenneth Branagh version for proof.

Sun 21st - 17.00

The Dodge Brothers return to the festival in an increased capacity this year, here accompanying a little-seen Soviet-era silent from 1929. The addition to their lineup of pianist Neil Brand, a specialist in silent film accompaniment, makes this unmissable.

Thus 18th - 12.55

Showing as part of the festival's excellently programmed Uncharted States Of America strand, this promises atmospheric small town mystery by the bucket load and features the promising Liam Aiken, who was great in last year's Electrick Children and, before that, Lemony Snicket.

Fri 12th - 15.55, Wed 17th - 20.20

Already featured on the site, the trailer for this reminded me at least partially of uber Euro-success Headhunters. Grim and grisly Polish assassins? I'm in.

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