Trailer Of The Week - Week #19 - BIFF: The Last Dogs Of Winter

The BIFF coverage finally wraps up this week so Trailer Of The Week celebrates the best film of the festival, The Last Dogs Of Winter, a remarkable documentary featuring some amazing footage of polar bears and Qimmiq, a near-extinct breed of Eskimo dog. The trailer builds in some un-necessarily pulsing music but it still gets the point across well. Seek this out for a viewing.

Trailer Of The Week is a regular Film Intel feature which picks a different tasty trailer of delectable goodness every week and presents it on Sunday for your viewing pleasure. Sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes major, sometimes independent, sometimes brilliant, sometimes a load of old bobbins: always guaranteed to entertain. If you want to make a suggestion for Trailer Of The Week, see the contact us page.

The 19th Bradford International Film Festival ran from 11th to 21st April 2013 at the National Media Museum and other venues near to the city.

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