Trailer(s) Of The Week - Week #39 - Nebraska and True Detective

A double helping of trailer goodness this week, starting with the return of Alexander Payne and Nebraska, a film about both a middle-aged man searching for something and an old-aged man doing the same. Not exactly a topical departure for the director but still, the photography looks wonderful, it's already laden with awards and Payne is, for me, currently a film-maker without a dud on his resume.

By virtue of being one of the best trailers I've seen recently, True Detective makes this week a two trailer week. Featuring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, the HBO drama has a heady mix of music and visuals that looks very exciting indeed. Those wanting to go in to the series completely cold are advised to stay away from the IMDb page, which features potentially inadvertent spoilers.

By Sam Turner. Sam is editor of Film Intel, and can usually be found behind a keyboard with a cup of tea. He likes entertaining films and dislikes the other kind. He's on , Twitter and several places even he doesn't yet know about.

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