Trailer Of The Week - Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

In the battle of the really well done teaser trailers last week, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes takes the win over Godzilla by way of the fact that there's just no contest between the cast of each film. Elizabeth Olsen might contain Godzilla's promise, but her backup is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, whose ability to sell himself as a mega-hard military man is still somewhat lacking. Meanwhile, the Planet Of The Apes film with the impossibly long title has Gary Oldman and Jason Clarke, both of whom look moody, fire weapons and shout. Flawless victory.

By Sam Turner. Sam is editor of Film Intel, and can usually be found behind a keyboard with a cup of tea. He likes entertaining films and dislikes the other kind. He's on , Twitter and several places even he doesn't yet know about.

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