Trailer Of The Week - Cymbeline

Still best known for his 2000 adaptation of Hamlet, director Michael Almereyda returns to Shakespeare for his latest venture, his first feature film for several years. Following in the footsteps of Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus, Almereyda has opted for arguably one of the Bard's least well-known plays in Cymbeline. A play originally about a king of Ancient Britain, the director has clearly been watching some Sons Of Anarchy based on the trailer with the action transferred to biker gangs in what looks to be modern day America. Keeping Shakespeare's language worked (mostly) very well in Almereyda's Hamlet, and it seems like a smart move to do the same here based on what's shown in the trailer. With Ed Harris in the title role and the like of John Leguizamo, Anton Yelchin and Ethan Hawke (the director's own Prince of Denmark) in support, this could emerge as one of the most fascinating Shakespearean film adaptations of recent years. Definitely one to watch, and a film that will hopefully make its way into the Shakespeare 450 series later this year.

By Ben Broadribb. Ben is a regular contributor to Film Intel, having previously written at Some Like It Hot Fuzz. He is normally seen in the wild wearing t-shirts containing obscure film references. He is a geek, often unashamedly so. He's also on and Twitter.

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