Trailer Of The Week - Gone Girl

I thought Zodiac was not only a terrific film by David Fincher but a very smart choice. Previously known as a Director who produces twisty Mysteries, Zodiac did not have a particularly grand reveal or twist: it was just a well-produced view of what we know about the case. Make your own conclusions. For that reason, Gone Girl feels like something of an odd choice, Fincher returning to both popular literary adaptation (after The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and more obvious Mystery (after the same). I don't know what the reveal is yet - I'm a third of the way through the book - but author Gillian Flynn is hinting at it like hell (and by 'hinting', I really mean: 'HINTING!!!!!!'). Flynn also produced the script for Fincher (her first), which just adds to the alarm bells currently ringing around this for me. The trailer does nothing to silence them.

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