Trailer Of The Week - Clouds Of Sils Maria

Fresh from being acclaimed at Cannes this year, Clouds Of Sils Maria looks and sounds in theory like every other Olivier Assayas film does, which is to say that it feels vaguely unappealing and full of characters I probably won't like. The mildly annoying and certainly fascinating punchline to this is that I've actually loved both Assayas films I've seen so far, even despite the fact that his most recent offering, Something In The Air, was populated entirely by the type of airy, uncommitted, stupid people put on the planet to annoy me. Somehow, the director has a way of making the annoying fascinating, through a level of narrative honesty that I have so far found fantastic to watch. Clouds Of Sils Maria, despite rather than because of how it looks and sounds, is riding very high on my 'to see' list.

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