Trailer Of The Week - Ghostbusters (30th Anniversary)

2014 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters, with Harold Ramis' iconic '80s comedy-horror-sci-fi returning to cinemas later in the year in celebration of this. The re-release gets its own trailer, which serves to constantly remind you of just how brilliant this movie is, from the pitch perfect performances delivered by the central four - with ample support from Sigourney Weaver between Xenomorph battles, and Rick Moranis at his nerdy cartoonish best - to the narrative which manages to be consistently smart, genuinely creepy and laugh-out-loud funny. All together now: "If there's something strange, in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call?..."

By Ben Broadribb. Ben is a regular contributor to Film Intel, having previously written at Some Like It Hot Fuzz. He is normally seen in the wild wearing t-shirts containing obscure film references. He is a geek, often unashamedly so. He's also on and Twitter.

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