Trailer Of The Week - Inside Out

Pixar's output over the last five years, whilst far from awful, has felt like something of a step down from the outstanding cinema many have come to expect as standard from the studio. Three of their last four films have been sequels, and the remaining original feature, Brave, felt as though it missed something of their usual magic. After a quiet 2014, Pixar are set to release two films this year, neither of which are sequels. The first is Inside Out, due in July, and from the trailer it seems as though this could display the invention of the studio's most beloved output such as Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story. The parent characters seem a bit clich├ęd from what we are shown, but the simple yet effective concept of different elements of the psyche crewing each characters' emotions has the feel of a winning Pixar idea. One I'm looking forward to seeing when it arrives.

By Ben Broadribb. Ben is a regular contributor to Film Intel, having previously written at Some Like It Hot Fuzz. He is normally seen in the wild wearing t-shirts containing obscure film references. He is a geek, often unashamedly so. He's also on and Twitter.

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