Bond 22 is now 'Quantum of Solace' - News Review

Bond 22 is no more, arise the rather oddly named ‘Quantum of Solace’! With the title taken from the collection of Ian Fleming stories titled ‘For Your Eyes Only’ Solace has been confirmed as an entirely new story, not based on the plot of the Fleming work which shares its name.

As the news gradually broke today releasing more and more details of the story it is difficult to not say that we have become more and more… worried. Firstly, the title; are reporting that there are several meanings of Quantum but given what Daniel Craig has told reporters about the plot it is likely to refer here to ‘the smallest possible amount of something.’ This again seems in-keeping with Craig’s comments about Bond still needing to get over his tragic relationship with Vesper in Casino Royale. All fine and dandy, but it doesn’t exactly trip of the tongue does it? As one observer noted, ‘they may as well of called it ‘A Crumb of Comfort’’.

Then there are the further hints about the nature of the film and the plot as a whole. It has been described as ‘more of a classical Bond’ which again begs the question… why? Casino Royale took the series in such an edgier, darker direction, which appeared to succeed so well in the minds of moviegoers and critics alike, why does the studio feel the need to revisit classics that the modern movies (ref; Die Another Day, The World is Not Enough) can never hope to imitate?

There are hints too that Q and Moneypenny’s trade-mark wit will be returning to the movies, although no castings for these roles have yet been confirmed. Craig has also stated that there will be nothing like the torture scene we witnessed in Casino suggesting that Bond will be ‘dealing it out more’ according to a quote appearing on Hang on a minute? Didn’t he deal it out enough in Casino? The opening fight? The stairwell murders? The embassy attack?

The point behind Bond’s torture was to show he had a human side, which worked equally as well as showing him having a real love affair did. Well at least there’s hope for another true love I suppose… apart from the fact that Craig has also revealed Bond will be ‘misbehaving more this time’. So you see our point? If the producer’s plan all along was to make one completely different movie and then return to the same old stale formula then what was the point in casting Craig at all? Brosnan is much better at sleazy action movies… and he looks good with a ‘tash!

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