Heath Ledger Found Dead - News Review

The sad news coming out of Hollywood this morning is the untimely death of actor Heath Ledger who was found dead in his New York apartment at 20.30GMT yesterday evening, he was 28. Ledger is reported to have been discovered by his housekeeper who notified the police. Emergency service staff are said to have pronounced Ledger dead at the scene and have not helped the already growing internet speculation as to the cause of the death by commenting that pills were found close to the bed.

It does not appear prudent, wise or appropriate to significantly add to the vicious speculation that is growing as to the cause of Ledger’s death. His family have stated that they believe it was caused by an ‘accidental overdose’ but until an autopsy, which American news channel CNN are reporting will be carried out at some time today, I would suggest it is impossible to know the exact cause.

At least one news agency has already drawn parallels to the death of River Phoenix, who died in 1993 when his heart failed after a drug overdose. The fact that the Ledger family and the police are both already willing to label it an ‘overdose’ whether accidental or not suggests that this was indeed the cause, something which is expected to be confirmed at the autopsy.

Again, it appears unwise to speculate any further over such tragic events until an official decision is reached by a medical officer and so all that remains to be said is that it is a tragic loss to the acting profession and that all our thoughts and sympathy are with his family at this time.

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