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Chris Evans Is Captain America

Story: Guardian

Only... he isn't yet, it just so happens that some geeks have jumped the gun and mocked up the above picture of Evans in Captain America uniform. When he does don the red, white and blue it will be erm... interesting to see the results and the reactions of fanboys. Whilst he does look the part, Evans has, up to now, picked quite smarmy, light, roles with apparently comic edges; Johnny Storm, the dude he played in Push that nobody cared about, Casey in TMNT (oh yes, I went there). At risk of treading pretty damn close to comic book film cliche: he'll have to show a 'darker' side to make this work.

New Series Of Doctor Who Begins

Story: BBC

In other news, I'm still pondering how sites apparently dedicated to films are justifying covering this...

National Treasure 3 Confirmed

Story: Empire

Despite the release date being the standard and rather vague 'in 2011' we can give you the Film Intel guide to watching it now; turn brain off, laugh at Cage, moan about it afterwards, secretly enjoy it more than you admit to anyone.

And finally...

In good old Blighty, all the major political parties' General Election campaigns are now in full swing after the date for the election was confirmed earlier in the week. The Tories decided the best man to front their announcement of a 'national service-like' scheme for youngsters was only bleedin' Michael Caine! What a great idea! Lets get the guy last seen shooting every young hoodlum that moved in the 18-rated Harry Brown to announce a policy focusing on helping those very youngsters his character fairly maliciously decided were beyond redemption. We now anticipate the arrival of Sylvester Stallone to front Labour's 'Cut Knife Crime Out' campaign. Or not.


  1. National Treasure 3: The Hunt for Cage's Talent.

    It's a cross country adventure like none other!

  2. How dare someone try to replace David Tennant. Honestly.

  3. Tick, tick. Loved getting these comments in my e-mails over the weekend. Very funny gentlemen.