Trailer Of The Week - Week #15

Everywhere I look at the moment it seems like everyone is already going gaga over Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, the first entry in what looks set to become the next Bruckheimer mega-franchise. I'm not saying the film is going to be bad (I haven't seen it yet, neither has any one else) but can we perhaps approach it with a bit more measured calm rather than an apparent assumption that it's going to be epic? History has taught us one thing about films based on videogames: they're pants. If reminder is needed then have a trip down memory lane to 1995's Street Fighter. So bad, they couldn't even pull together a decent trailer for it...

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  1. Street Fighter? BAD!? I Object! It was a work of cinematic art I tell you! ART!!!!!!


  2. My level of interest in Prince of Persia is so very low...

  3. Uni - But surely not as GREAT as Super Mario Brothers hey?!

    Simon - 100% ditto. Good reviews will get me interested but I can't say I'm expecting them.