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Logan Lerman Is Spider-Man! No Wait... Josh Hutcherson Is Spider-Man!

Story: Hitfix & ScreenRant

This treads slighty on the toes of a forthcoming The BIG Question but really - when will major film sites learn that nothing's confirmed until it's actually confirmed? In the rush to get the next exclusive sites are making more and more erroneous claims about castings or director choices and this is just the latest in a long line. 'News' has never been such an operative word.

Riddick 3 To Be Called 'Dead Man Stalking'

Story: Total Film

Mr Diesel, I've got Quantum Of Solace on the phone: it would like to congratulate you on finally removing it of the award for 'Worst Title Ever'.

Joss Whedon In 'Final Negotiations' To Direct The Avengers

Story: Den Of Geek

Treading dangerously closely to the same trap the first story fell into, this one is saved by virtue of the fact that it does actually look like it's, you know, true. Internet debate quickly became split 50-50 as to whether this was a good move or not. Personally I think Whedon is a fantastic storyteller and director so I say, give him a shot at it!

And finally...

Dreamworks executives have been forced to apologise after allowing the production of photographs which showed several characters from the Shrek series of films, posing with semi-naked models. Whilst the photos aren't as racy as some publications have suggested, it is one of those occurences that just leaves you thinking, 'what the hell were they thinking there then?'


  1. I agree that major movie sites like Deadline, THR, Variety or First Showing too often take terms like "in negotiations" or "in talks" as if the deal is done and definite. Most of the time, they are right but that doesn't mean they should do it.

  2. It's a thin line isn't it? Movie sites like that have to publish a certain amount of rumour because that's how they drive traffic which, in the end, pays for their existence.

    But, equally, it frustrates me when I read something which is presented as 'news' (or, more accurately, fact) when it obviously isn't. The Hitfix article is an example of that and, as watching All The President's Men will tell you: using anonymous sources is very rarely a good thing.