Film Intel's Final World

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

Jonah Hex Gets A Trailer Of Its Trailer. Then Gets A Trailer.

Story: Cinematical and Empire

The trailer of the trailer was rubbish, the trailer is only marginally better. Missed opportunity ahoy?

Sandra Bullock Gains One Family Member, Gets Rid Of Another

Story: People Magazine

No major publications were seen to use the above headline. Film Intel are still wondering why...

Sam Worthington Tipped By None Film-Related Business To Be Next Bond

Story: BBC

When William Hill start producing articles on film or having any interest in the medium whatsoever or stop being entirely motivated by money or anyone can quote an 'insider' source for this story, let us know.

And finally...

The 'Orange Film Board' spoof adverts featuring Mr Dresden have been ended after seven years and 24 'minisodes'. Our twitter feed went berserk with people praising the decision to get rid of the 'unfunny' adverts. Obviously, these tweets were not from the same people who populate cinemas where there is always respectful silence during the ads bah the little titters of amusement coming from those there assembled, nor from the people who have elevated Dresden to apparent cult hero. Obviously.


  1. I remember before Craig was chosen the dangled the possibility of Ewan McGregor or Jude Law as the next Bond. I figure that's the reason I never cared for Craig...that being said Sam Worthington? No.

  2. Sam Worthington is boring.

  3. I remember when the casting was going on it was reported Clive Owen and Craig were the final two. I think Craig has turned out quite well but I'm a big fan of Owen, would still love to see him do it. And I think you're both right: Sam Worthington? No, he's boring.

  4. Worthington isn't even British!

  5. Nor does he ever seem to be able to pull off an accent that suggests he's anything other than Australian which, if nationality isn't a prerequisite, certainly is.

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