The 'Best' Of The Rest: The 2010 Films You Didn't Realise Existed

We all know that Scott Pilgrim is due to hit UK cinemas before the end of this month (we do all know that... right?) and that The Expendables is even closer to hand and that, come September, we'll get to see the Wall Street sequel. However, who knew that, on 31st August, you might be lucky enough to see Stag Night Of The Dead? Or that a previously unreleased Orson Welles film hits DVD on 20th September? Or that... well, you get the picture. Allow our below guide to educate you on the 'best' of this year's yet-to-be-released films, which you might not even have heard of.

Released: 24th September

Frozen is the film that you might have heard described as 'Open Water in the snow'. Focusing on three skiers who become stranded on a mid-air chair-lift, it's a low-budget 'what-if' film which scoops on tension in spades once our characters are suspended mid-air. Having played to some acclaim at Frightfest earlier in the year, Frozen will enjoy a wider release in September.

Stag Night Of The Dead
Released: 31st October*

Now look, we'll admit to this being a little bit tongue in cheek because the film basically looks rubbish, but who can't have a little bit of affection for a film with that title and an even better tagline (When There's No More Room In Hell... You Get Married). Whilst we don't quite buy into the claim that the film is 'Shaun Of The Dead crossed with American Pie', it'll probably find a market somewhere. Probably.

Released: 27th August (US), 17th September (UK)

Takers is one of those films with a cast list that makes you ask why you haven't heard of it already. Staring Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen (in a silly hat) and Idris Elba, and featuring Zoe Saldana, it's difficult to think that this won't have at least a bit of an audience when it arrives in the US this month and the UK soon after. Focusing on a high-danger bank robbery and also featuring Matt Dillon and Chris Brown, this will surely at least be a throwaway action-flick... won't it?

Age Of Heroes

Released: 1st October

Details of Age Of Heroes are still scarce which suggests that the film might be pushed back from its 1st October release slot but early word surrounding the film - which if successful, would be part of a trilogy - sounded promising. Staring Sean Bean and James D'Arcy, Adrian Vitoria's film tells of the creation of 30 Commando, the unit which Bond writer Ian Fleming (D'Arcy) was a member of and which would go on to lay the groundwork for special forces teams in the UK. The bad news? Danny Dyer also stars and the poster looks a bit naff.

Released: 20th September (DVD)

Having been released in the US back in 2006, Richard Fleischer's film will finally make it onto R2 DVD in September. Starring Orson Welles as a defence lawyer who takes on the difficult case of two wealthy college students, who kill to settle an intellectual argument, the film is generally well regarded and is sure to entertain Welles fans eager to complete their collection.

*corrected from 31st August.


  1. Stag Night of the Dead...ugh...

    I'm never used to how you Brits say math as 'maths'. It never sounds right to my novice ears.

  2. You should watch the trailer...

    Same over here on that one, only, the other way round.

  3. I thought Takers looked decent when I saw a trailer earlier this month but then I discovered that it's been sitting on the shelf for a while and that's rarely a good sign.

  4. Yes, it seems strange that something with that much star power behind it hasn't had more publicity and is rather going to 'sneak' out in the US and UK. We'll see but I think you're right not to get your hopes up.

  5. Well I hate to break it to you but the release date for Stag Night of the Dead is wrong. You'll have to wait until Halloween, I'm afraid...

    Still, plenty of time for FI to get a preview copy and decide if it's rubbish or not, eh?

  6. Sorry about the release date Mike, I'll correct it on the site - seems to be a couple of release dates listed but I can also see IMDb has got the correct one so apologies for that.

    In terms of the film, of course the least I can do is take a look at a copy and judge properly from that. You or anyone else from your team can feel free to drop me an e-mail at the address listed on the site: admin[at]film-intel[dot]com

  7. I really enjoyed Open Water. It had some amazing scenes ramping up the emotional ties that the viewer felt with the characters. This also helped to amplify the sense of loneliness. I'm hoping that Frozen will also do as well, and will definitely be one to watch.

    However, this article has made me somewhat depressed. Depressed that UK cinemas get films later that the US :(

  8. On Frozen: yes completely agree - hopes are high and its had some very good reviews.

    The UK/US debate is one that I've talked about before. In all honesty, it does happen the other way round (for British movies) too, but I've often argued that universal release dates are one of the greatest weapons the industry can use to fight piracy - they just don't want to sacrifice the publicity that staggered release dates bring to do so.