Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

Skyline Trailer Debuts.

Story: First Showing

This provides an absolute lesson in how to get geeks excited about your science-fiction film: show absolutely nothing of your movie apart from some flashing lights and doomsday-like news coverage.

Vincent Cassel In For Eastern Promises 2.

Story: The Guardian

If Vincent Cassel is in, then so are we. Same goes for pretty much anything.

Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill In Line For Belushi Biopic?

Story: Best For Film

Least imaginative rumour-mongering since Jennifer Aniston was linked to the Friends film.

And finally...

Yet another video has surfaced of a large number of Star Wars fanatics, meeting in a public place to engage in a lightsaber duel. This makes us think a number of things; 1) when will this stop? 2) who actually goes to these things? and 3) can we get an invite?


  1. And an assload of people getting beamed up into a Pokeball.

  2. Best analogy I've heard recently. Shall almost certainly poach it at some point. Top notch.