From The Files Of...

...this needs to stop. Immediately.

Rumours surrounding who would be cast in the impending Fantastic Four reboot started up apace last week, with Film Shaft doing a good job of collating the stories run by Comic Book Movie and Screen Rant. There's some good talent in the mix. But there are also several reasons to be more than a bit sceptical and for these following negative points, we're calling this one ahead of time;

  • the project is currently failing to attract without a director 

  • the leading man looks like being either fake action-hero Adrien Brody or 'I can't handle an accent' Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

  • its proposed second-billed male actor's current career includes diverse character highlights such as 'Hot Firefighter', 'Party Stud' and 'Male Model'

  • this post on Slash Film questioning whether anyone wanted another Fantastic Four film met with a distinctly negative response

'From The Files Of...': examining the nether regions of the movie world. With a big stick.


  1. Unless Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to be The Human Torch like I read that one time, I really don't care about this movie either way.

  2. I've not read that but yes, I agree, I think anything with him in is going to create some interest but, even then, I'm not sure I'd be in the line to sit through it.