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Stephen Fry Joins Sherlock Sequel As Holmes' Brother.

Story: BBC

Which is fine and all that and any casting news involving Fry is always extremely welcome but, really: are we expected to believe Fry and Downey Jr. are brothers?

Second Trailer For Skyline Hits.

Story: Movieweb

Still not at all convinced by this. Looks the same as every other alien invasion film of recent times and whilst I can appreciate the fact that Donald Faison wants to branch out into something different, he's already looking miss-cast.

Tony Curtis Dies, Aged 85.

Obituary: The Guardian

A really sad loss of one of Hollywood's true greats who will be missed by colleagues, fans and family alike. Look out for tomorrow's Trailer Of The Week for another small tribute to Tony Curtis.

And finally...

This isn't the first time that Men In Black III has made the hallowed pages of Final Word but its bonkers casting exercise seems to have continued this week with the announcement that none other than Emma Thompson has joined its ranks. Jokes about Englishness abound then?


  1. stephen fry in a sherlock holmes film seems inevitable.

    makes me want to watch it in fact!

    great casting!


  2. Agree with the general sentiment about Fry but, as I say, I'm not sure I can see him and Downey Jr as brothers. They literally have nothing in common. Oh well, wait and see how it works out on screen I guess.