Do It Yourself: How To Make An Iconic Poster

For those paying attention at this point last week, you might have noticed this post which highlighted the growing trend in art design of writing words across people's faces on film posters for no apparent reason. Resigned to the fact that we can't be trend setters in this particular regard we assumed the stance of 'the greatest form of praise is imitation'. We took three fairly recognisable poster images from three sci-fi films...

Then, we spent a number of days, all night, a couple of hours, five minutes this morning ensuring that there were words written all over them. Success! People wishing to nominate us for a design award can use the regular e-mail address.

Our proudest achievement. The Wachowski's V gets the 'words vs face' treatment

Another Wachowski film goes all 'wordy'. Those snickering at the choice of words will be escorted from the premises.

When words fail. Arnie's face was a little too white to pull this off. We were going to change it. And then we fell asleep.


  1. Guy Fawkes makes everything iconic.

  2. Good point. That should be the next thing after 'wordy faces' has died out: just make sure Guy Fawkes features on your poster!