The BIG Question: The Influence Of Film Awards

Our BIG question this time around was all about what impact the awards season has on you, looking particularly at the BAFTA awards and whether you watched them or not. Always a hot topic at this time of year you responded in your droves with answers ranging from 'they don't effect me one bit' to 'I avidly seek out every nominated film!' Selected answers and informed (ahem) conclusions can all be found below.

hypnogoria - 'once upon a time, in galaxy far far away, I used to watch all the awards religiously... I really just can't be arsed anymore... the selection of movies chosen to have the chance of getting a gong is absurdly limited... the films we remember as classics of their time often aren't the movies that clean up at awards time' (as ever, hypnogoria's brilliant answer is worth searching out and reading in its entirety)

TheMike31 - 'Pay very little attention, except the Oscar noms/winners. Don't go out of my way to see something if it's up for awards.'

missvictoriadee - 'The Oscars are really the only awards show that impacts/influences what movies I watch. The rest are pretty much fluff to me.'

JamesMichaelPar - 'the awards mean something definitely. The nominations for The Fighter certainly influenced me seeing it and it was great.'

thatfilmlover - 'I will watch anything nominated for Best Pic at the BAFTA's/Oscars/ and CANNES, so a lot of impact'

Univarn - 'I only have enough room in my soul to watch one self-serving, narcissistic awards show a year'

sonofkermode - 'I'm always looking forward. Sure, give kudos to those who have done something fantastic but lets see what tomorrow brings'

komaljverma - 'I watched the BAFTAs on TV but I do not pay that much attention to film awards - they don't effect what I want to watch.'

nrm1972 - 'never watch them, mild curiosity to see if they go as expected - and they usually do'

TerilynS - 'I never miss the Oscars because it means I will be with my friends, laughing, talking movies and discussing how foreign and independent movies will always be the award winners because publicly owned American studios don't know how to make anything worth caring about any more'

The Verdict: The level of either general ambivalence or - at the furthest end of the spectrum - genuine hate for the awards season surprised me, although I can't say I was displeased by it. The majority of answers went down the route of saying something negative about the awards but perversely hinting that they did effect their viewing habits, a conflicted group which I would probably place myself in. Having said that, I have a massive respect for the people who can look at awards season without cynicism or general ire. You, ladies and gentlemen, are probably enjoying a fantastic few months of award watching right about now!

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