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What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

Lindsay Lohan 'Offered' Part In Superman Reboot. Other Actors 'Offered' Parts Include; Me, Donald Duck And Greta Garbo.

Story: Movieweb

On a more pleasing note several sites (wisely) just decided to ignore this rumour altogether. More of that please Ladies and Gentlemen.

Several Dark Knight Rises Characters Now Cast. World Can't Cope Without Rumours. Starts Making Up Stuff About Robin.

Story: Movies Online

Seemingly not content with having things confirmed fully and officially (such as the inclusion of Bane and Selina Kyle) several publications have now turned to wondering whether Robin will appear in the film and then, obviously, speculating on who'll play him. You get the feeling that even after The Dark Knight Rises has come out on DVD, there will still be rumours circulating about who will appear in the film.

Garfield Continues To Choose Varied Roles. World's Press Remains Un-Interested.

Story: Slash Film

Fair play to Slash Film for covering this. Andrew Garfield's choice of roles continues to impress and this quiet-sounding drama looks like one to keep an eye out for.

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