Trailer Of The Week - Week #7

This last couple of weeks have involved the watching of both a bad Michael Jai White film and a stunningly incoherent action film (Pathfinder). Spawn therefore seemed an appropriate choice to round the week off. An horrendous and convoluted actioner with White in the lead, flanked by a Just For Men-wearing Martin Sheen and an unrecognisable John Leguizamo this is the sort of film that makes Ghost Rider look successful. The trailer seems to hint that the film might have aged fairly well although a full watch would surely offer evidence to the contrary - this was actually an unforgivable missed opportunity which wasted all the strengths of the dark and twisted comic book. Reboot rumours have continued to fly round almost since this film's release in 1997 but this was so bad, it may have killed Spawn off for good.

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