Trailer Of The Week - Week #6

In-keeping with both the Sundance Film Festival theme and the Tom McCarthy theme that have been prevalent on the site for the past couple of weeks (here, here, and indeed, here, but you already spotted that, right?), this week's trailer combines the two of them. McCarthy's latest film, Win Win, premiered at the festival to decent critical acclaim and will go on to hit US screens in mid-March. The trailer shows that this might be the lightest McCarthy film yet. There's none of the darkness of The Station Agent or, apparently, the tougher themes of The Visitor. Not that that's a bad thing. Paul Giamatti and McCarthy are a match made in indie film heaven and the actor looks on top Sideways form here. Alex Shaffer, in his first ever role, looks very good and the return of The Station Agent's Bobby Cannavale is more than welcome. Hopes are high Mr McCarthy. Very high.

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  1. Looks excellent. Paul Giamatti is one my favorite actors. He also seems perfect for this role, taking on comedy and drama at the same time.

  2. Yeah, I really like Giamatti, mainly because of SIDEWAYS, which I absolutely love.