Trailer Of The Week - Week #10

After Batman Begins and just before The Dark Knight's release, Warner Brothers treated us to Batman: Gotham Knight, a really quite excellent collection of loosely related ten-minute animations which half linked in to the big screen mythology and half ignored it completely. With the summer release of Green Lantern approaching, Warners are looking to build on that model with the release of Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, which will come out in the US (and presumably other places) in June of this year. The trailer is slickly produced but the direction seems surprising: this seems a much more 'for kids' piece of animation with lots of one-on-one battling against moving backdrops rather than heavy story development. Not that Gotham Knight was a narrative classic but it did do enough to make it a worthy purchase for fans of the live action films. The one saving grace? Nathan Fillion, who voices Hal Jordan. Are Warners grooming him for a future part in the franchise further down the line? The rumours start here.

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