Explaining The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer In Ten Screenshots

James Franco. Completely normal.

Despite all this technology...

... your very weird baby ape will arrive in a cardboard box.

Drawing upside-down pictures of Gareth Gates. A sure sign of trouble brewing.

The Ape wants some crackers.

Brian Cox; locks a heavy door, wears red glasses, has a goatee, might be evil...

... but could have saved the day if he'd had just had beer in the fridge like any normal ape-keeper.

AHHHHHH! SQQUUEEEEEE! It's only bloody Harry Pott... no, wait. Different person.

This still cracks me up. Who the hell decided to recycle Clash Of The Titans' tagline? And, more importantly, why?


  1. H ha ha ha!! You have quite simply asked a question many of us have asked...namely why?? I don't see the need to re-boot this franchise. It highlights the chronic lack of imaginative thinking in mainstream Hollywood.

  2. I was initially hopeful but with each new trailer my level has hope has gradually diminished. This latest one makes it look awful and raises exactly the questions you mention above.