Trailer Of The Week - Week #26

Reasons to go and watch Take Shelter:

1 - It stars the incredible Michael Shannon.
2 - It's not a superhero film.
3 - It's about a potential worldwide disaster (which may be happening only in one man's head) but it focuses in on one family.
4 - Despite the above, it is not The Happening.
5 - The trailer is creepy and ambiguous.
6 - The music sounds like it is riffing off The Exorcist theme.
7 - It is released in prime Oscar season and looks almost certain to be there or there abouts when the reckoning happens.

Trailer Of The Week is a regular Film Intel feature which picks a different tasty trailer of delectable goodness every week and presents it on Sunday for your viewing pleasure. Sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes major, sometimes independent, sometimes brilliant, sometimes a load of old bobbins: always guaranteed to entertain. If you want to make a suggestion for Trailer Of The Week, see the contact us page.

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