The Jason Statham Guide (Patented) To Whether The Mechanic Is Any Good

Does it have the highest of high concept plots?

'Jason Statham is an assassin'. Yes.

Statham Says: Statham Smile

Does the script require Statham to be glib and/or 'funny', in the loosest sense of the word?

No. The Mechanic is as straight and as serious as it comes. Lots of scowling. Lots of short sentences. Lots of Statham goodness.

Statham Says: Statham Smile

Is it straightforward enough to follow but intriguing enough to engage?

Statham is an assassin. I might have already have said that. This is made more complicated by his relationship with Foster (his dead boss' son) who he attempts to take under his wing. There's other stuff going on but basically that's just there as an excuse to blow stuff up.

Statham Says: Statham Smile

How long is it?

A tad over ninety minutes. Normally this would be a good thing but really this warranted more time and certain elements need more development (Statham doesn't have a real love interest for example).

Statham Says: Statham Scowl

Are there plenty of varied, often bizarre, weapons on show?

The pin from a fire extinguisher takes the top award although the roof of a bus (same scene) came close as did the harpoon. Lots of guns.

Statham Says: Statham Smile

Does it have a weak supporting turn that Statham can kick around and/or director Simon West can use to play up homo-erotic undertones that appear to be a must in Jason Statham films?

Ben Foster isn't as bad as usual but nor is he great. Homo-erotic elements? Present and correct. At one point, Foster moves in with Statham whilst carrying a little dog under his arm. Those looking for more overt signs will find them in the extended section which explains why the dog is there in the first place.

Statham Says: Statham Smile

Is the conclusion satisfying?

Eek. It wavers around a bit. Perhaps a tad unearned in some ways. It probably just about gets away with it.

Statham Says: Statham Smile

Verdict: With that many Statham Smiles there's only one option. Probably the best Statham-fronted film since Snatch.


  1. You know, I must be about the only person who has never seen this! I find Statham a bit type cast and have never thought much of The Transporter franchise.
    But The Bankjob was a film I thoroughly enjoyed and Statham was pretty good in. Mind you Death Race was pretty cool ,and was followed by an absolutely shocking sequel! No Statham you see!! Hahahahaha!

  2. Yes, he is absolutely typecast but I don't have a huge problem with that. The World needs someone who when you see he's in a film, you know you're getting some fairly dumb action fun. I wasn't a huge fan of THE BANK JOB and I've not seen DEATH RACE but this one ticked all the boxes for me.