Trailer Of The Week - Week #37

With next to no visible marketing, it's unlikely that Shaolin is going to set the DVD sales chart on fire when it's released in the UK on Monday. This is a crying shame. Directed by Benny Chan, the film is a successful and carefully nurtured Chinese epic with an admirable focus on character and plenty of fantastic performances to recommend it. The trailer puts the emphasis firmly on the martial arts side of the film, which is present but to much less of a degree than you might think after you've watched it below. When the fights do break out they're dynamic and well choreographed but for the most part this is a near-exceptional, involving drama, which deserves, at the very least, a place on your rental list.

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  1. Thanks for putting this one back on my radar. I had completely forgotten about this film. I really enjoyed the director's film, Connected, that came out a couple years ago. Excited for it's DVD release.

  2. I've not seen any of Chan's other films but I'll definitely be keeping him on my radar after this. Hope you enjoy it when you get hold of it!