Film Intel's Final Word

What happened this week and why you shouldn't care.

Tom Cruise In 'Sensitive' Shocker.

Story: Empire

I'm really not sure what this story means. 'Sensitive' doesn't really say anything does it? Should have gone for 'embarrassed', 'sorry' or 'doesn't give a flying fuckuckle'.

Sorkin Eyeing Apple Job.

Story: Slash Film

Perfect match. Although whether Sorkin will want to move from one big tech story to another is a different question entirely.

Paranormal Activity Officially The New Saw.

Story: Total Film

Only better reviewed. Which is nice.


  1. A PA4?????...ah come on!! 3 isn't far reaching off NZ shores and yet the consensus Bloggerosphere wide is that 3 is enough and the franchise should be laid to rest. But we should know better and realise the dead horse will be flogged don't we?

  2. Absolutely. It'll go for at least another three I'd wager. The type of budget vs box office its doing is amazing really.