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Dr. Who And The Big Screen Too.

Story (and analysis): Den Of Geek

I'm yet to find one person (including admitted and devout Dr. fans) who is willing to stick their hand up and say, 'yes, this thing really needed to happen and I was asking for it whole-heartedly'.

Russell Brand's New Film About As Appealing As Seeing Katy Perry Act... Wait A Minute...

Story: THR

This is apparently a story based on an experience of Brands, in which he will play a character he describes as being like himself who has his girlfriend stolen by The President. Katy Perry to play the girlfriend? Don't bet against it. Chance of me being in the cinema? Save your money.

A Bit Of A Rum Show.

Story: The Guardian

As The Guardian points out, The Libertine in 2004 was the last time Johnny Depp fronted a film that opened this low down the box office. The difference between those two films? The Libertine was 18-rated, The Rum Diary is a 15 and it should, therefore, have been able to close the gap a little further. Depp losing his appeal in non-franchise offerings?


  1. A Dr Who movie?? Hmm that doesn't sound like a good idea. All too often TV series that go into movies find out how much money can be made out of just one movie compared to a whole series and stay in movies. If that were to happen no more Dr Who on telly ...and that is where he belongs.

    Oh...I wish Russell Brand would find some dark deep hole and throw him self into it and stay there! Actor he is not!!!

  2. I don't know, a Dr Who without the baggage of the series and the ability to do whatever the filmmakers wanted? Could be good.

    That being said, the ones I watched were the old 70s epidodes with Ted Baker (it was Baker wasn't it). Don't really watch the new ones I'm afraid

  3. Brent - I'm not a Who fan but I do get the impression from fans of the series that a lot of its charm is inherently related to the fact that it is on TV. I also just don't really see who's asking for it but hey, the large take from THE INBETWEENERS film has probably swayed the boat. I agree on Brand, he does very little for me on film.

    desertofreel - absolutely - always wise to keep an open mind on these things I suppose, although I don't know whether I really know enough about the series to go to a film version. I think the actor you're referring to is Tom Baker?