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'Hick Hokum Horror crossed with Slacker Comedy'

Tremors sets its tone with its opening shot of Kevin Bacon relieving himself over the side of a cliff. Ron Underwood's film is Hick Hokum Horror crossed with Slacker Comedy, in the vein of modern creature-feature imitator, Eight Legged Freaks.

Getting the laughs right in this sort of material is the key to alleviating the pressure of the horror moments and Underwood largely does well. Val's (Bacon) early bit of toilet humour is followed shortly afterwards by another lazy joke involving a septic tank but for the most part, Bacon and partner-in-crime Fred West get the timing of S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock's screenplay spot on.

The above concept falls down in relation to Tremors when you take into account that its horror isn't all that horrific. The creature effects - overseen by Tom Woodruff Jr. - are fairly rough even for this sort of offering and the slug-like beasts offer little true terror. Wisely, Underwood ramps the gore up a minute notch further than it first seemed willing to go, a much-needed amendment to ensure the film at least has a chance of being taken seriously.

At some point just after the hour mark some of the momentum of Tremors goes missing, presumed eaten by a large earthworm with teeth. The first hour rattles by spectacularly well but the stodgy section concerned with being on, and escaping from, the store roof gets bogged down in people running all over the shop and escape plans being expositioned ad nauseum. The finale is fun-ish but, again, doesn't stand up to the start, although the presence of, and chemistry between, Bacon and West pulls it through.

Tremors was showing on Sky Anytime and Sky Go for users with appropriate subscriptions.

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'As for the creatures themselves... they defy all logic, and applying any rational thought whatsoever to their existence will bring the film’s credibility to its knees' - My 2,500 Movie Challenge

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