From The Files Of... Simple Poster Magic

Look, it's just Marilyn Monroe blowing out a candle, with the Cannes details below but that's fine. It isn't overkill, it isn't badly photoshopped, it isn't messily titled, it's classy and clean. Film companies know they don't need to over-complicate things, don't they? Don't they?! Don't th...



  1. I like The Avenger's Poster! I mean look at all the weird embers (perhaps fireflies?) in the right corner. And the fact that the Hulk looks like he's three stories tall. And that they're all looking in different directions!

    Cap is striking a pose, totally ambivalent to the plane I assume has crashed into the building above. Sam J's doing a bit of a jig by moving his shoulders side to side. ScarJo brought a gun to an intergalatic fight. Renner's stretching his legs and Downey seems to have gotten his Saturday Night Fever impression all wrong. Thor wants to know who interrupted his drinking game.

    To top it all off, the title indicates that us Brits can't tell the difference between a tv show consigned to history, a film that no-one remembers (or saw) and a bunch of super-powered folk in a film they've been telling us about for 4 years.


    p.s. who knew New York was that blue?

    1. Brilliant.

      I think though, in actual fact, Cap is actually a statue of Cap, in the process of being lifted to the top of one of the buildings (also explaining why he seems to be significantly taller than everyone else).

      Samuel L is playing the new fad game called 'let's see who can get their head closest to RDJ's armpit'.