Film Intel's Final Word - Nora Ephron, 25min Spider-Man, Monsters Sequel

Nora Ephron: 1941-2012

Story: BBC

I don't really know what to say about Nora Ephron apart from to mention that although You've Got Mail may not be considered her best work, it is a film I can always watch and a rare beast which has not suffered from advances in technology or business, despite fundamentally having a plot which relies on both of them. That says something. This may not be the greatest tribute to anyone ever written but never fear, thanks to Lists Of Note, Ms Ephron herself has got me covered.

Spider-Man Done in 25 Minutes From Available Trailers and Clips. Sony Displeased.

Story: Cinema Blend

This story, video and the subsequent saga says so much about film marketing. Studios want saturation coverage but are then offended when that very saturation is used in a way that is seen to threaten their product. Bad Sony. Sit in the corner and contemplate what you've done. Then reboot Spider-Man again with twenty-eight posters, a dozen trailers and fifteen clips.

Unlikely Monsters Sequel Moves Forward. In A Major Surprise Its Going; Bigger, Broader.

Story: Shock Till You Drop

Dark Continent is a title which sounds like major bargain bin fodder. As a massive fan of the original film, this somewhat pains me. Realist though I am (yes I know the original film will still be there to enjoy, etc, etc.), it just wasn't a piece which needed a follow-on. The fact that Gareth Edwards has gone straight from original ideas to monster movie remake (Godzilla) is disheartening enough.

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