Film Intel's Final Word - Mummy!, 18+ Vue, Cuaron/Abrams

Another Mummy Reboot. Is it a Wise Man That Chases This?

Story: Empire

It's interesting that the negative reaction to this seems largely un-related to the franchise and very related to the name Len Wiseman, a man who's sole function in recent years seems to have been to find roles for wife Kate Beckinsale. At least we already know one bit of the casting though, hey?

Trying Vue's 18+ Screenings For The First Time.

Story: Twitter

Not new news by any means, because Vue have been offering these for a while but, on 26th October, I'm off to try one of Vue's 18+ only screenings for Skyfall. The sceptic in me is, well, sceptical. This appears to be another way for cinemas to abdicate their responsibility to provide films in an appropriately hassle-free environment any way: if they feel under-18s make all the noise in normal screenings, why aren't they directing ushers to tell them to be quiet or face ejection?

Cuaron and Abrams Team Up for a TV Pilot.

Story: SlashFilm

This still sounds a little sketchy and the plot sounds far too much like Heroes but, know this: you cannot read the names Cuaron and Abrams in the same headline without getting at least a little excited.

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