Trailer Of The Week - Week #40 - Stoker

Trailers that make you catch your breath are rare, but that's exactly what the tense and layered offering for Chan-wook Park's English-language debut, Stoker, does, revealing a film somewhere on the borderline with Horror and Family Drama. The big surprise when you dig a little deeper? The film appears to have been written by none other than Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, going under the pseudonym Ted Foulke. Stoker hits both the US and the UK in March next year.

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  1. Once I saw the name Chan Wook Park. I took notice right away. I loved Oldboy and Im a Cyborg but that's OK. Excited to see what he does with an English Langauge flick. I loved it that the trailers even mention from that it's from the director of OldBoy

    1. Yeah, it's a very smart trailer. Oldboy seems to be one of those films that has reached out to even people who don't normally see foreign language films, so I guess the distributors feel comfortable marketing Stoker on the back of that.