Film Intel's Final Word - Oscar Ceremony, Spider-Man (Amazing), Scouting NY

Oscar Night Prevailing Feelings, One Week on; Sour Taste, Distaste.

Story: The New Yorker

I did not see the Oscar Ceremony in full or live and therefore have no ability to pass comment. Amy Davidson did however, and her article is one of the best spearings of all that has been previously, and possibly presently, wrong with Seth MacFarlane.

You've Got Approximately One Year of This Sort of Thing to Look Forward to.

Story: Bleeding Cool

Sample suggested copy line: 'ooh, he has a suit. With eyes. And its red and blue'. It's just easier for everyone that way until the point where the film hits and everyone realises how startlingly average it is. Again.

Fans of Film Locations Have a New Must-Read Site.

Go to: Scouting NY

This really is spectacularly insightful, well researched and frequently incredibly interesting. Recommended.

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