Trailer Of The Week - Inherent Vice

There's little doubt on the Trailer Of The Week this week and that's because the first look at Inherent Vice has arrived, in all its surprising glory. Paul Thomas Anderson isn't really a director famed for the LOLs. I think There Will Be Blood is about as humourless a film as I can think of and all the better for it and The Master wasn't exactly a rib tickler. This film though, whatever it ends up like in its full glory, has a playful, debonair trailer with a version of Joaquin Phoenix that's seen Robery Downey Jr. in Zodiac and decided that he can do drunk-and-working even better. I've seen The Long Goodbye referenced and I can see that too, but where Altman's film operates through a sort of fog - hazy hippy neighbours and mumbled conversations with a cat - this looks pin sharp.

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